2017 Bring It On!

New year,new me. That’s what they say. And whoever “they” is they should know that they’ve got it all wrong. Another year has come. It doesn’t make you any different. Your still the same person with the same hopes and dreams only you might make little self improvements. Such as quitting a bad habit, trying to be healthier, being more positive and so on. I know a lot of people who don’t believe in New Years Resolutions but have goals and things they want to achieve… and if you ask me they’re the exact same thing. So why say you don’t believe in New Years Resolutions when really you actually have them yourself. A New Years Resolution is a goal or something you want to achieve but your giving yourself the space of a year to make it happen and I fully support that. Therefore I guess you could say that I fully support New Years Resolutions and I have absolutely no problem with that. So I suppose your wondering now that if I support them so much then do I have some. The answer is yes,yes I do. So here you go:img_0759

I’ll talk to you soon. I promise…and I never break a promise.

~Gurl Behind The Camera xox


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