Welcome World

Dear reader…person…real person…people….world…this is my blog♥

Can I just say WOW!  It’s 2017, a fresh start, a time to make this year whatever you want it to be…BRING IT ON!😏 To be honest and I’m not trying to be selfish or anything but the name of this blog describes me perfectly. I’m just a girl with access to a camera, the internet and I’ve got an idea…a dream if you will. I started this blog because I was inspired and when I get inspired things happen…things like this. I love the idea of people being able to read this. Real people anywhere in the world have access to this and it’s completely their decision. You reader have made that decision to find this little blog in a tiny corner of the internet and I will be forever grateful to you for even reading this far😂 You have now become what I am… a Gurl Behind The Camera (or laptop, iPhone, iPad…whatever floats your boat💛)  you are now part of the fam and we welcome you with open arms. img_0757So if you’ve been reading this far you’ve probably realised that this blog is for girls. But if there are any lads out there interested then your more than welcome too😂  This blog will be for girls (and some lads) to share their opinion. This blog will have reviews, how-to’s, diys, and so much more! Even if there’s only one person out there that will read this blog it’ll be worth it if I can just help one person♥ Well not sure what else there is to say so I’ll talk to you soon. I promise…and I never break a promise

~ Gurl Behind The Camera xox


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