How to Survive An Irish Teenage Disco

First of all before I get into this I just want to apologise for neglecting my blog…it’s been too long. This is going to be a very different type of post and I suppose I’m revealing a little bit more about myself in this post in more ways than one. My identity will always be a secret though. So probably from the title you can guess that I’m Irish. And maybe if you are too you’ll understand what I’m on about.

The discos…oh god the discos. I don’t know where to start but in this post I’m going to give you an idea of what it’s like and how to survive one. Ok let’s go.


▪From the minute you enter you will be hit with the strong smell of aftershave and cheap perfume. As the night goes on that smell will change to sweat and other substances. It’s not that bad but it’s probably good to know this.

▪The music is so loud you probably won’t be able to hear anything for a day or two afterwards. Communication is done through shouting into each other’s ears or pointing,grabbing and pushing.

▪If you look directly at the lights they will most definitely blind you.

▪As mother says it’s like a cattle mart meaning it is so crowded you barley have room to breath. If you get there early try to find the places where there isn’t as much crowding so that means unless your a complete party animal try to stay away from the middle of the dance floor because there is a very small chance you’ll escape.

▪This next point is probably the most important. The heat will cook you alive…literally. It will only get worse as the night goes on. There will be steam on all the mirrors and you will sweat…a lot.


▪Do your tan the night before and don’t do it orange. OMG so many girls were literally orange and they looked ridiculous. The worst part is they thought they looked good.

▪Drink plenty of water the day of

▪Expect randomers to come up to you and ask for the shift

▪Keep everything like money and stuff in your phone case.

▪Don’t wear heels because your feet will be killing you and you will fall a lot

▪Accidents happen with fake nails

▪Practice your makeup before you actually do it because something will probably go wrong (most likely eyeliner)

▪There’s no need to go into detail because it’s dark and no one really cares

▪Take lots of pics

▪Get ready with a big group of friends (DO NOT GET READY BY YOURSELF!)

▪Don’t wear tan to a foam disco (yes they have those)

At the end of the day it’s only a bit fun and you will actually have a class night 

Talk to you soon. I promise…and I never break a promise

~Gurl Behind The Camera xox



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